All of our firewood is hand split, sourced from dead urban trees.

There is nothing quite like hand splitting firewood. There is not the dangerous droning and noxious fumes of the splitter. You have just a sharpened axe, some hot coffee and a bit of work to do. It used to be that a man was measured in the amount of firewood they could split, not the number of perks you could earn playing Call of Duty.

Our crews split, and the economics of that is simple. What an employee splits, they keep- whether for the home, or to sell. It is how we afford bonuses. We only split wood sourced from local tree removal, and only trees that HAD to come down. We do not de-nude the Northern forest, clear-cutting for a lift of hardwood logs.

You can order wood in advance, during the summer, and we can give you an idea what our inventory looks like.  Ash, due to the tragedy that is EAB, is plentiful.  Our firewood is a mixture of Sugar and Silver Maple, White and Red Oak,  and Ash.  Prices for 2015 were:

Face Cord (8′ x 4′ x 16″ (42 cubic feet)) = 120.00 + 40.00 delivery.

Bush Cord (8′ x 4′ x 4′ (128 cubic feet)) = 330.00 + 40.00 delivery. 

Our wood is seasoned for the year, and since it is mostly harvested from dead or dying trees, it is very dry come Autumn.

Crew Hand Splitting Firewood before Christmas 2015.
Crew Hand Splitting Firewood before Christmas 2015.