Tree Pruning

“Should I get my tree pruned?”

That’s a good question.  As a homeowner you have a responsibility to your family, neighbours, and anyone who walks near or under your trees, to evaluate your trees for safety.  Aesthetics aside, you must consider the investment you want to put into your trees in order to maintain safe, healthy trees.  One of the most effective ways is through a periodic pruning program.

Trees need not be pruned annually.  They certainly need not be pruned heavily, and as the tree ages, if it has been properly maintained, it will require less and less work.  In fact, heavily pruning mature trees is a significant contributor to tree decline.  Nonetheless, there are some things that you should look out for, namely:

  • Dead or diseased limbs.
  • Limbs hanging over or resting on structure, eavestrophs, power lines… etc.
  • Limbs that touch or rub- thus abrading the bark of the respective branches and possibly compromising tree health.
  • Heavily canopied trees that prevent sufficient air and light to reach interior of the tree structure.
  • Imbalance, poor shape.
  • Broken limbs or spars.
  • Old stub cuts and other signs of previous, unprofessional tree work.
  • Hangers, or broken limbs hanging freely in the tree canopy.

Ascents Tree Service only permits ISA Certified Arborists to prune your tree, or training Arborists under the direct supervision ( ie co-climbing) of an ISA Certified Arborist.  It is critical that you employ properly trained and certified arborists, not just to take the best steps to maintain the health and beauty of your tree, but to ensure compliance with pruning standards, WSIB and Liability Insurance.