Tree Removal

Often, homeowner’s feel quite guilty when they feel that a tree has to come down.  This is a normal feeling- a tree is an important living organism, they are ecologically critical (the lungs of the planet), and they are a very important spiritual and aesthetic presence to human beings.

We don’t need to list the almost endless benefits that trees provide.  Nonetheless, within the City and residential areas, there are occasions when a tree should come down.  Perhaps the tree was damaged- prior root excavations can utterly destroy a tree, resulting in a structural imbalance and declining health that can be a serious safety risk.  A tree afflicted with a disease, for example Emerald Ash Borer, is going to decline quickly, and the wood quality degrades so drastically, shortly after the tree has died, that a homeowner must act to have tree removed.

We do tree removals at Ascents Tree Service, but we also assess each case individually.  We prefer to save trees, and in extreme (and admittedly rare…) cases where a homeowner is removing a beautiful tree ‘because they hate raking’ we will attempt to convince them otherwise (or simply refuse the work).  Nonetheless,  where retaining a tree risks personal safety or property damage we will always suggest removing the tree.  So, if you’re considering removing a tree on your property, consider this chart: