Taking Butternut Samples at Ignatius College


Using SRT Climbing Technique to take Butternut Samples for genetic testing.

On Monday, we volunteered with Stas Shulist, Land Manager at Ignatius College to take bud samples from a Butternut Tree, at the back of the Ignatius Property.  I employ SRT to ascend quickly and efficiently- particularly where I’m not doing much work in the tree, and not using a chainsaw.  It allows for easy line placement, and a relatively easy ascent into the tree, without having friction/cambium damage that may occur if using DdRT – especially on a thin barked tree.

The samples were collected- both lateral and terminal buds, and they were packaged and sent to MNR for testing.   There were a few seedlings sprouting up about the Butternut with similar buds- here’s hoping we have another survivor of the canker that’s decimating our Butternut population!