Another little climber…

We’ve had a crazy couple weeks.  Mum was in an extended labour- a week of maybe labour, maybe not, and with each false labour it meant that, should the little fella decide to come, it would happen quickly.

When the time came (conveniently at 4:00am, which is when I usually wake up, most mornings…) we got to the hospital and had a cool 45 minutes to spare before Fawkes Robert was brought into this world at 8lbs 5oz.

So, that makes three little guys.

Oh, and he’d tied his first knot with his umbilical cord – a perfect overhand knot that I’ll refrain from posting as, you know, it’s quite bloody and what-not.  It was a relief to find that, after he was born with a good, healthy cry, that sometimes, if the knot cinches down, the baby can have problems.  The knot is pretty common, and the complications are pretty rare, but thanks goodness I didn’t know it was there.

It’s amazing anyone is born, let alone there being 7 billion of us.

So, the schedule got pretty hairy, and we’ve worked a few Sundays and Saturdays in order to get some semblance of ‘catch up’ with our jobs.  Slowly, we’re winning and getting back on top.  But, like always (and with 3 young boys waiting at home) there is no rushing work.  We still work carefully and conservatively.