Season End… Christmas coming…

Well. it’s about that time that things slow down, and we can get a bit more focus into training for the winter, and set a few goals for 2018. It’s tough to be a goal person- with a couple of little ones, and more on the way, life happens and it isn’t the easiest thing in the world to balance husband-father-business-physical training…

You try.

My business goals are the easiest. Work hard, try to improve accounting/scheduling/services. Improve documentation, allocate a fixed % to training, keep it safe, keep it fun. I know that SPECIFIC goals, measurable goals are the best- I will have a new, improved ESTIMATE SHEET for next year. I will update SAFETY SOPS for next year. I will try to update this blog more regularly…. hopefully.


Oh, and I’d like to de-digitize.  Or, at least, de-cloud.  I’ve been using a Day Runner this month for scheduling/motivation/training and it has been AWESOME.  Sorry iPhone- you’re a classy piece of aluminum, but I just am not that into you.

But, now for the cool stuff. The fun goals.

Like climbing.  I want to do as many sessions at the Grotto as possible, and try to get out winter rock climbing (Mount Nemo, maybe head North) with a few, hopefully, ice days.  The problem with outdoor climbing is that, with children, I have to have Life Insurance, and I wouldn’t  want to take a fatal whipper and leave them destitute.  If I take a fatal whipper out of the tree, I’m covered.  If I fall off the Sorcerer… maybe not.

I can’t really accept the same risks as PK (pre-Kids).  I’ve had to limit my non-tree climbing, which has sort of reduced my stoke for climbing beyond arboriculture.  Its tough- I really loved climbing, and most especially ice climbing- man, I miss those days.  Cold. Grey.  Blowing snow.  Spindthrift.  Multiple sketchy raps on icy ropes at night by a dying headlamp.

Ahh, the screaming barfies… falling ice…

But, being a Dad, sometimes, you just have to give things up.  So, for climbing goals, I’d like to make the Grotto a habit.  I’d like to get myself climbing somewhere in the 11’s (sport), just to keep my fitness, and maybe plug gear on some easier stuff.  No Alpine Trips.  Nothing left to chance.

I also enjoyed racing. I did a few bike races, a few running races, and it was a hoot. That’s something about Ontario- there are literally dozens of cool races throughout the year. I LOVE Mountain Biking (I’m not that fast), and I LOVE Trail Running ( I’m pretty fast).

My kids love races, too. It’s a great Family Thing. Check out the enthusiasm, yo!

“Yeah, I love hanging out with Dad, in the rain, at +1 degrees Celsius, watching Cyclocross. This is quality family time…”

Okay, well, maybe I’m sort of putting words in his mouth.  But, it builds character.  In full disclosure, I didn’t exactly participate in the Guelph ‘Cross Race this year… but I did bring a log.

So, me and Scotty have set up respective pain caves in our respective garages, and we’re punishing ourselves with the Trainer Road training programs, which are kind of like ‘hangover in an hour’ intervals.  ( after an hour, you want to lay down beside your bike, and puke).  I am also throwing in, randomly, some MAFF Trail Running sessions, as much Guelph Grotto/Mount Nemo days as I can manage, and I’d like to do as many Winter Snowshoe Backcountry Slogs the kids will tolerate before they put themselves up for adoption.

In no particular order (and incompletely) I think my (our- Scotty tags along for all the races- awesome work buddy!!!!) race goals are…

  • Paris Ancaster Bike Race
  • Spring Epic 8
  • 5 Peaks Rattle Snake Point Half-Marathon
  • As many of the Substance Projects Marathon MTB Races as possible…
  • As many Tuesday Night Albion Races as I can make…
  • Summer Epic 8
  • Albion Enduro 80km
  • Chase the Coyote 25km Trail Race

Yeah, so let’s see how this all goes.  Who knows- I probably won’t accomplish any of these goals.  I’ll probably just kick back, eat pizza.  Do that enough, I’ll probably just end up working for the man, though, really, how bad would that be.

The MAN!!!!!