Climbing the dying tree…

So, here’s my day so far.

Dead Ash Trees- like, crazy Dead Ash Trees, some leaning towards the road and high-voltage, and others leaning toward the driveway (well, sort of like a part where one drives). Another over a bridge where the dog is walked…

They didn’t look too bad- well, no, some didn’t look too bad. They looked like dead Ash Trees, or dying Ash Trees- those sorta confidence inspiring one’s with some patchy bits, but the canopy still mostly intact.

You know, a lot of homeowner’s don’t even recognize a problem at that point, right.  Heck, I thought that some of them looked alright- didn’t feel too nervous up in the canopy, except for one or two of those crazy ‘wind moments’ when you feel like you’re going to the ground because the tree sways one way, the clouds go the other way, and your reptile brain says “!!!Falling!!!!”

So, well, what is one to do. We are HIRED to protect property. They pay us for that- we’re not Chainsaw Charlie sporting a pick up track, a tooth-challenged sidekick, no insurance, and ( sarc.) “25 years fellin’ trees, fella”.

No, guys like that take out houses ( digress- we worked at a house in Campbellville last week whose neighbour’s ’Tree Guy’, just down the street, dropped a ‘big ole tree’ on their neighbours house and then… RAN AWAY)

We mitigate our risks by climbing carefully, taking out small pieces, using, you know, ropes n’ stuff. The problem with EAB is that, well, you just don’t know how bad it is. I’m on a Decay and Cavity course at the end of the month, specifically, to try and get some biologist/physicist/scientist to give me the straight goods on whether or not that tree is going to stand.

Until then, I hate when the spar looks like this.