On those humid days…

We had to remove some large hangers over a fenced-in dog walk clinic, last week.  A big Silver Maple, about 60″ DBH,  with 3 major vertical stems remaining, and a fourth that had long since failed, the remnants being a 30′ hollow spar, and a bit of broken steel cable hanging from the central tie in.

Broken  cable - note the example of CODIT around the lag bolt.
Broken cable – note the example of CODIT around the lag bolt. And the view of Speed River from up high!!

It was warm, wet, and a gorgeous November Day, and with all  the SRT-ing I was doing, what with my Stanfield underlayer, and what not, I was causing a big steam-storm in my safety glasses.

I couldn’t do a minute of work, before I’d have to take of the glasses, wipe them ineffectually, and fire up the saw again.  I was covered in wet sawdust, sweating, and generally to get this massive spar down on the ground without damaging fence, structures, paving stones, and pavement – NOTE a big piece of maple CAN punch a hole in parking lot pavement.

You can just ‘cut and toss’ these pieces- they had to be rigged out.  Try doing it nearly blind, which was about where I was getting with the safety glasses.

So, I brought out my secret weapon.  BUGZ!  Now, they look funky, but man, do they have a place.  Bugz are kind of like goggles, but instead of glass or plastic lenses, they just have a fine mesh screen.  Now, the Bugz are not CE-approved, but I don’t think that it takes a genius to realize that the protection offered by Bugz (namely sawdust and some impact ) beats running a chainsaw blind, with your CE-approved fogged-up safety glasses dutifully perched on your nose.

Buggin' out on a dead, hollow, Maple Spar!
Buggin’ out on a dead, hollow, Maple Spar!  Note my ‘other safety glasses’ – the only safe place for them on humid, warm days.

They were definitely an essential piece of kit!  Unlike my newly purchased CE Lanyard (more on that later….) which is taking an annoying-ly long time to get used to.