Ascents Tree Service


Ascents Tree Service is a locally- owned and operated company serving Guelph, Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and surrounding areas.  We specialize in Tree Pruning, Tree Removals and Hazard Tree Assessment and action plans.  In addition to our tree contract services, we offer Tree Inventory and Tree Management Plans, Forestry and Sustainable Logging Projects (winter).

Ascents Tree Service cares about trees.

Sustainable, long-term urban forestry is very important to us- a town or city with a healthy forest canopy makes for healthier and happier citizens.  Living and raising our children in an environment that offers expansive green space, clean air and water is the ethical compass that guides our business decisions.  While we understand that some trees must come down, we also seek to promote a combination of Urban (and Rural) Reforestation, and Tree Preservation.

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